About Us

We are a software company building applications in the social media field. Right now, we have build four products related to this domain, and they are Rubiv Publisher, Rubiv Streams, Rubiv Canvas, and Rubiv Boards.

I will give you a brief overview of each product, and in other articles, I will try to explain each of our products in detail.

Publisher uppcoming

With Publisher, you can connect your social accounts and schedule posts to be published later. You can as well add a custom time table for each of your accounts to enable queueing, or you can post at a specific time.

Streams uppcoming

We have build this product to enable users to curate content easily. We're supporting only RSS channels for now.


Canvas is a graphic designing editor that helps to create beautiful content for your social media accounts. It comes with an advanced editor with many functionalities that makes it quite easy for anyone to use it.

Kanban uppcoming

With kanban you can organize and create a sensible workflow for your social media campaigns. Kanban is a management tool that enables teams to organize their flows, link posts from the publisher, link designs from canvas, assign functionality, and track the progress of tasks in a visually appealing, easy-to-use drag-and-drop user interface.

Right now we are launching only Canvas with others to come very soon.
You can go ahead and test the Rubiv Canvas by creating a free account through the following link.


After you have done that please don't hesitate to leave a comment about our product in our contact form by using our live chat widget or using feedback icon in the right side of the page.

If you think that Rubiv Canvas is useful for your cases or if you need any help email us at ari@rubiv.io and we will help you with anything.

This is very short description about what we're building, to stay updated about our products and our journey  please subscribe to our news letter and visit our blog.